Condom snorting challenge is dangerous and a choking hazard

A condom is to be used for protection against STDs when having sex and it is also a method of birth control.

A trend emerged among teenagers recently and it is shown in numerous videos on social media platforms where they perform the "Condom Snorting Challenge" - where people snort a condom up one nostril and inhaling it until it emerges through your pharynx and mouth.

This is an extremely dangerous act and it is a serious choking hazard.

Inside your nasal passage are your sinuses which have special cells that can be damaged when an object such as a condom passes through. Not only can this act lead to a bacterial or fungal infection, it can be fatal if it becomes stuck and blocks airflow through the nasal passage. 

Please do not perform such a challenge; please ask yourself if it's worth risking your life for the like's and views.

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